10 Interesting Truths about Thyroid

The cases of hypothyroidism are rising.  According to an article in Medical New Today, and author of the book “The Thyroid Diet,”  Mary Shomon,  there are 10 facts that doctor’s forget relay about thyroid disorder to patients.

  1. A “normal” TSH” does not an indicate a healthy thyroid.  The truth remains that doctors don’t even agree on the normal range for the TSH test.  For years the TSH level has been the even thought of a the “golden standard” for diagnosing thyroid conditions, but the more the thyroid is studied and understood, there is more to thyroid testing than a TSH level.
  2. All patients should have their autoimmune thyroid antibodies tested.  The thyroid antibodies indicate a different disease of thyroid conditions and should be tested to ensure what type of thyroid condition the patient has.
  3. Endocrinologists are not necessarily the best doctors to treat all thyroid conditions. Endocrinologists can be wonderful doctor’s but some do not have as much training in thyroid conditions as someone who specializes in the thyroid, such as Becca Walters.
  4. There are many effective medications to treat thyroid conditions.  Depending on the patient, certain thyroid conditions may need to be treated with a compounded supplement, while others maybe able to use a drug such as Synthroid or Levothyroxine.
  5. Infertility can be a thyroid symptom.  Most doctors and fertility clinics do not test for thyroid problems when confronted with infertility issues.
  6. Every woman should have her thyroid evaluated before and during pregnancy.  Thyroid patients who become pregnant must be knowledgeable and seek extra attention  because TSH is important to the healthy development of the baby’s brain and nervous system. During the first trimester, the fetus uses the mother’s supply of thyroid hormone; around 12 weeks, the baby’s thyroid begins to function on its own.
  7. When the sex drive is suffering, check your thyroid.  A lack of thyroid hormone could be to blame for other imbalanced hormones including those related to sex drive.
  8. Your thyroid can make you fat! The thyroid regulates the metabolism.  If one has an undiagnosed thyroid condition, one’s metabolism is improperly treated and this can cause the best diet and exercise plan to not work.
  9. High cholesterol.  Cholesterol levels can be related to thyroid conditions.  In particular, if the cholesterol levels do not respond to medication, this is a major indication of an undiagnosed or poorly treated thyroid condition.
  10. Soy and Fluoride are Bad. Certain things that we were told were good for us can actually be bad for our thyroid.

For more information about thyroid issues and treatment methods, contact Becca Walters.


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