Hormones are your body’s communication system.  Hormonal balance is all your hormones working together towards a happy, healthy, and resilient body.  It is the right amount of each hormone, properly communicating with each other and your body.  Hormones control and regulate many systems within the body including metabolism.  Hormones are sent out throughout the body looking for receptor sites to attach themselves to.  Different hormones have different receptor sites in different places.  If your body has too many or too few hormones, problems develop.  There can also be an issue with the number of receptor sites.  The endocrine system is a delicate system that needs to be balanced with all your hormones at the right amounts for optimum function.  When your body is sending and receiving all the right signals and the hormones levels are correct, there is health and hormonal balance.

Stress messes with all the hormone levels including higher cortisol levels, increased leptin resistance, increased insulin resistance, lower sex hormones, lower growth hormone, and the decreased ability to convert T3 to T4.  Stress comes from all types of places in life, but it leads to dysfunction in the body and weight gain, regardless of its origin.

Cortisol, a stress hormone, is linked with leptin problems.  When one is out of balance, the other will be as well.  High cortisol levels are linked with leptin resistance and insulin resistance.  Cortisol regulates fat distribution.  High levels of cortisol can cause fat distribution changes including weight around the midsection and a round face.  This excess fat leads to inflammation because of increase of toxic hormones.  This increase in toxic hormones causes more fat and then more cortisol, beginning a vicious cycle.

Fatigue issues are often a result of stress.  Low energy, being tired, exhaustion, drowsiness, or waking up feeling unrested all result from stress, imbalanced hormones, deficiency in a nutrient, or hidden infections. The key is to discover what is causing the issue and treat it.  Fatigue causes issues with leptin, adiponectin, and insulin.  These are all important factors in one’s metabolism.  People develop chronic fatigue syndrome because their body stores fat instead of using it for energy.  Their body begins to store fat in their organs, blood vessels, and other areas of their body all leading to increased inflammation, fatigue, and other health issues.  In order to reverse this process, the body needs to switch to burning their calories as energy and not storing them as fat.  Many people with chronic fatigue have an increased level of fat hormones causing a chain effect of imbalance with other hormones.

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