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Thyroid and Chemicals

Hypothyroidism is often linked with chemical and heavy metal toxicity.  These chemicals are found in our food and in our environment and seep into our bodies and can cause thyroid or other endocrine disorders. The ways in which chemicals affect thyroid function include: Changing  the thyroid hormone metabolism Intoxicating the thyroid gland changing function andContinue Reading

10 Interesting Truths about Thyroid

The cases of hypothyroidism are rising.  According to an article in Medical New Today, and author of the book “The Thyroid Diet,”  Mary Shomon,  there are 10 facts that doctor’s forget relay about thyroid disorder to patients. A “normal” TSH” does not an indicate a healthy thyroid.  The truth remains that doctors don’t even agreeContinue Reading

Tulsi or Holy Basil

Tulsi or Holy Basil is an herb used to decrease oxidative stress. It has primarily been used to treat fevers, flus, and cold. More recently people have been using it as an adaptogen to reduce stress. The Indian culture believes this plant to be sacred and they often keep it in the center of theirContinue Reading

Gluten Affects T4 Dosage

Gluten, a wheat protein found in most grains, is not digested by the body and has been linked to over 300 diseases including thyroid issues.  Gluten intolerance and celiac disease can cause many issues within the body, but the most typical issues include digestive problems such as bloating, abdominal cramping, constipation, and diarrhea.  These gastrointestinalContinue Reading


Iodine is a trace mineral in the body essential for one’s thyroid function.  Iodine aids in the conversion of triiodothyronine (T3) into thyroxine (T4).  Under normal circumstances, your body contains approximately 20 to 30 mg of iodine, most of which is stored in your thyroid gland.  A number of reason cause iodine deficiency: Decreased amountContinue Reading

Thyroid and Soy

Although soy is not a “bad” food for everyone, there are several issues that cause problems for people who have thyroid disorders so they should not consume this food. 1)      Wheat, soy, and corn are the 3 largest genetically modified foods.  Although full scientific testing has not been thoroughly conducted, connections between GMOs and obesity,Continue Reading

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that the body can make from sun exposure or maybe consumed through dietary sources. Vitamin D is essential within the body for health and prevention of disease. Vitamin D Reduces inflammation Prevents cancer Prevents autoimmune disorders Supports healthy immune function Prevents cardiovascular disease Prevents Parkinson disease Maintains musculoskeletalContinue Reading

Hormones are your body’s communication system.  Hormonal balance is all your hormones working together towards a happy, healthy, and resilient body.  It is the right amount of each hormone, properly communicating with each other and your body.  Hormones control and regulate many systems within the body including metabolism.  Hormones are sent out throughout the bodyContinue Reading

Gluten and Hashimoto’s Disease

Gluten intolerances vary from person to person, but it can affect all body systems and functions.  People are still discovering the ways in which gluten can affect the body, but there are cases of it affecting every body system. People who have gluten intolerance have been shown to have: Cramping Diarrhea Weight loss Anemia MigraineContinue Reading

Insulin and High Cortisol

Insulin is a hormone that opens the door for glucose to enter into cells and fuel them properly.  Too much insulin as a result from poor diet, lack of exercise, or stress can lead to insulin resistance leading to worse issues such as diabetes. High cortisol levels increase the chances of insulin resistance.  Insulin resistanceContinue Reading