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Thyroid and Soy

Although soy is not a “bad” food for everyone, there are several issues that cause problems for people who have thyroid disorders so they should not consume this food. 1)      Wheat, soy, and corn are the 3 largest genetically modified foods.  Although full scientific testing has not been thoroughly conducted, connections between GMOs and obesity,Continue Reading

Fatty Acids

The body can make all fatty acids except for two.  These two essential fatty acids are linoleic acid, the 18-carbon chain omega-6 fatty acid, and linoleic acid, the 18-carbon chain omega-3 fatty acid.  These fatty acids.  Omega-3 fatty acids decrease the risk of heart disease by preventing blood clots, decreasing irregular heartbeats, lowering blood pressure,Continue Reading

Blood Sugar Regulation

Stress and trauma send our bodies out of regulation.  When under these conditions our bodies will react in certain ways including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, migraines, seizures, addictions, and other neurological problems. All people respond in different ways based on their genetics and surroundings.   One of the main reasons for these common conditions is unregulatedContinue Reading


Bones are comprised of protein and collagen, which gives the bone strength and flexibility.  Calcium provides the bone’s hardness. Osteoporosis is a bone disease where the bone mineral density including calcium, protein, and collagen are all decreased.  With the bone density being decreased, there is an increased risk for fracture and bone breakage. Reasons forContinue Reading

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that the body can make from sun exposure or maybe consumed through dietary sources. Vitamin D is essential within the body for health and prevention of disease. Vitamin D Reduces inflammation Prevents cancer Prevents autoimmune disorders Supports healthy immune function Prevents cardiovascular disease Prevents Parkinson disease Maintains musculoskeletalContinue Reading

Water Soluable Vitamins and Cooking

The water soluble vitamins, (All B vitamins and Vitamin C), are essential for the body. All the B vitamins work as coenzymes that facilitate work in each cell.  The B vitamins are essential coenzymes for the metabolism in the body.  People suffering with issues of fatigue are often deficient in B vitamins. Vitamin C isContinue Reading

Hormones are your body’s communication system.  Hormonal balance is all your hormones working together towards a happy, healthy, and resilient body.  It is the right amount of each hormone, properly communicating with each other and your body.  Hormones control and regulate many systems within the body including metabolism.  Hormones are sent out throughout the bodyContinue Reading

Gluten and Hashimoto’s Disease

Gluten intolerances vary from person to person, but it can affect all body systems and functions.  People are still discovering the ways in which gluten can affect the body, but there are cases of it affecting every body system. People who have gluten intolerance have been shown to have: Cramping Diarrhea Weight loss Anemia MigraineContinue Reading


Trans-fats or hydrogenated oils are changed from unsaturated fats to saturated fats by a chemical process known as hydrogenation.  This process adds hydrogen in place of the double bonded carbon resulting in more saturation in the fat to decreased spoiling. Trans Fats Has been linked to: Altering cholesterol levels including: lowering HDL (good) cholesterol, raisingContinue Reading


Fiber is an amazing nutrient that Aids in weight loss Benefits weight management Lowers blood sugar levels Decreases cholesterol Reduces cancer risk Reduces heart disease risk Reduces diabetes risk Aids in controlling diabetes Decreases inflammation Prevents Hemorrhoids Prevents Appendicitis Fiber takes longer to digest because it is a complex carbohydrate with unique chemical bonds. TheContinue Reading