The most common causes of inflammation are due to our diet.  They include a diet high in sugars, man-made fats, processed foods, and high glycemic meals.  Other contributing factors include lack of exercise, environmental allergies, infections, stress, and toxins.  The truth is that your body is a giant web.  When one area is affected, the interconnected web creates a ripple effect.  If one of aspect of the body is off, for example your hormones, other areas will be affected as well.  Freeing your body from all the contributing factors in the Standard American Diet is just as important as removing your body from environmental toxins.  Both of these aspects are key elements in balancing and reducing inflammation.

Fat cells called adipocytes are a huge source of inflammation.  These cells produce hormones including leptin (controls hunger), resistin (makes you insulin resistant), and adiponectin (increases insulin sensitivities and lowers blood sugar levels).  They also create inflammatory molecules including IL-6 and TNF-alpha.  These molecules increase inflammation, increase appetite, slows your ability to burn fat, and increases stress hormones such as cortisol.  There is a vicious cycle that these molecules are responsible for the signals being sent throughout the body that create inflammation, oxidative stress, and metabolic syndrome.  Fat cells create inflammation, which creates more inflammation and issues, which create more fat cells.  Removing yourself from toxic environments, creating healthy habits, and using bioidentical hormones to create balance, can help end the cycle and heal your body.


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