Tulsi or Holy Basil

Tulsi or Holy Basil is an herb used to decrease oxidative stress. It has primarily been used to treat fevers, flus, and cold. More recently people have been using it as an adaptogen to reduce stress. The Indian culture believes this plant to be sacred and they often keep it in the center of their home to purify it. It appears to break down toxic chemicals within the home and cleanse the air.

Other interesting research with tulsi include:
• A study done showing the flavonoids in the tea show promise in aiding in protection again radiation damage.
• The herb has also been helpful in healing E. coli and S. aureus patients faster.
• Evidence showing that tulsi has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
• Research including its ability to lower T4 amounts in mice.

Holy Basil is becoming more popular to use through out the United States and with herbalists as remedies as research is continued. Contact Becca Walters for further information.


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